Unlimited Data & Product Analytics Services

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Your business partner in building & operating a cost effective yet high quality Modern Data Stack for Business and Product Analytics.

Why not just hire a Data Team?

Hiring a full Data Team is really expensive. A small team can consists of a minimum 5 high paying FTEs (Full Time Employees) and there's no guarantee for project success.

With my 14 years solid experience as a Data Analytics Professional, I am bringing world class quality & best practice in building a Modern Data Stack (Infrastructure) & Product Analytics to your business.

And since you are reducing from 5 FTEs to 1 FTE, you can enjoy at least 80% cost savings with 90% project success rate within 3 months.

How does this work?

Completely async task management straight to your Trello board.

Once subscribed, you are in control by freely adding unlimited tasks in the Backlog.

What will you get on top of unlimited requests?

  • Get faster result in few business days on average
  • Enjoy unlimited revisions until you are satisfied
  • Fixed monthly rate. Unlike agencies and freelancers, there can be no surprises. You pay the same fixed monthly rate!

Try now!

I offer 1 month trial period so you can test my services before making that big commitment.

Note: Number of clients & price may vary as I grow.

This membership will automatically end after one month.
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You'll get UNLIMITED Professional Data & Product Analytics Services & Support for your Business

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$4,000 a month x 1

Unlimited Data & Product Analytics Services

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